Ecommerce products are carefully selected so you don’t have to do all the research work.

Here you will find a collection of sustainably manufactured products, giving recycled material a new life.

An alternative to buying is offered by Lainaamo's Rental Selection.

Thank you for supporting small business and sustainable development <3

Only one postage

You can order products from many different brands at the same time, with one fixed delivery fee (Finland 3,90 euros).

Orders over 100 euros are delivered without postage.

Upcycler donates 25 cents for each e-commerce order to increase carbon sequestration.

You can pay for your purchases at Finnish banks' online banks, with credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and Visa Electron), MobilePay, or with a Walley invoice / installment.

Payment services are provided by Paytrail Oyj.

Repairable or recyclable?

Professionals for your convenience

  • Upcycler Helsinki has a Social Enterprise Certificate issued by the Finnish Labor Association.

    Social Company

    Upcycler Helsinki has a Social Enterprise Certificate issued by the Finnish Labor Union.

    The brand says that the company solves social or environmental problems with its business and uses most of its profits to further its social goal.

  • Upcycler is a member of the Finnish Eco-Entrepreneurs Association and is committed to the principles of eco-business.

    Environmentally responsible operations

    Environmental responsibility refers to activities that clearly exceed the statutory level of environmental protection. Upcycler Helsinki is committed to the eco-ethical principles of responsible business.

  • Durable clothing service's independent expert panel has evaluated Upcycler's operations as a whole: Upcycler Helsinki is a more sustainable choice, as it operates according to the principles of a circular economy and offers time- and wear-resistant products.

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