Handcrafted barefoot shoes

Handcrafted barefoot shoes

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I would like to introduce the domestic Hukkasin, as this one-woman company combines many special elements: foot health, domestic footwear manufacturing, the utilization of waste materials and sustainability-oriented design. Quite a pack! 

The basic idea of ​​wastecase is to promote foot health. Often our feet have to be shaped like a shoe, but in barefoot shoes the idea is just the opposite. In barefoot shoes, the feet are allowed to move naturally, there is enough space for the toes, and the flexible sole does not restrict the movement of the foot. The shoe is shaped according to the foot without forcing, squeezing or rubbing.

Each pair of waste staples is made by hand.

Waste hats are made by hand

Hukaskasins are manufactured by Nanna Nikunen in Kouvola.

Eye-catching multiplayer

Unlike many sports-style barefoot shoes, Huskashins are made of leather. They resemble stylish moccasins and are therefore suitable for use in any situation.

In summer use, wastecats are unparalleled just when you don't want to bring many shoes, but the trips take you to different and surprising places. Eye-catching wasted bins do just as well on city streets as they do on beach cliffs that require good grip. 

"I wanted to create shoes worth the feet in the world that would serve in many situations, challenging the idea of ​​the narrow range of use for each type of shoe.“-Nanna Nikunen

Stylish barefoot shoes in my waste

Waste hats are thin-soled barefoot shoes

The style of waste cars is suitable for a wide range of situations. The sole is thin, flat and very flexible.

No leather to lose 

Huskazins are made from pieces of leather generated as cutting waste in the upholstery industry and from high-quality recycled leather previously used. Nanna carefully chooses the right, high-quality leather for each pair of shoes. Even the smallest pieces are used to advantage.

Huskies are made of high quality leather.

"In the circular economy, by converting waste streams into material streams, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of production. In production, the materials produced are always used as close as possible.“-Nanna Nikunen

Leather as a material enables versatility not only in design, but also in comfort and durability. The soft leather adapts to the shape of the foot individually and the material is breathable at the same time, tolerating very different conditions. The leather can also be treated to be water-repellent and the footwear can also be serviced again and again.

For feet of all sizes

Special Hukkasin production also has a very wide range of sizes. The smallest size is 21 and the largest 50. Children's sizes end in 34 and larger sizes can be found in the adult category.

The lack of size now doesn't stop you from buying barefoot shoes!

How do I Get My Own Waste Cases?

Waste cans can be purchased from the online store. There are occasionally small sets of ready-made pairs available in the online store, but Nanna mainly makes Hucasins to order. Then choose your preferred color change and your own size and you will receive your own pair as a post-delivery. 

Waste my online store

It is also possible to ask your own color wishes and questions related to size, for example. Then contact the author directly:


pooh 044 978 0101