The Carrying Case Bag service recycles your own carrying case into a domestic high-quality bag

Carrying case bag

* in commercial cooperation with MUUTE *

The baby carrier plays an important everyday role in many families with small children, and it can be awkward to give it up even when your own feet are already carrying the little adventurer. At the end of its life, the cloth is full of memories that you would still want to carry with you. 

However, the family does not run out of a toddler, even as needs change. OTHERThe n carrier bag service is a practical way to keep the cloth in a form that does not dust in the closet, but continues its function. The cloth is made for carrying.

You can order a bag from your own baby carrier as your child grows up.


A bag with emotional value

The idea for the bag, which was made from a baby carrier, originally came from MUUTE's customer, who did not dare to give up the beautiful and beloved cloth, but also did not want to keep it unused. At that time, a backpack was born from the baby carrier, and since then, other bags from the MUUTE collection have been made from the baby carriers, both for parents and children.


CHANGE children's and adult backpack from a reused baby carrier.

“I have made bags for mothers, but also for children who have received their own miniAHTI backpack from the fabric where they have been carried as a baby.

-Bag maker Annika

The adorable Carrying Case Bag service is now available periodically at MUUTE, a few times a year. Backpacks that are no longer in use at that time are used to make backpacks of different sizes, large weekend bags, or individual shoulder bags. 

MUUTE backpack made of patterned baby carrier
The possible pattern of the baby carrier is precisely composed to fit the bag.
The baby carrier can be used to make a large weekend bag for family trips

Remoteweekend bag is suitable for longer adventures.

Finnish bag maker

MUUTE is a one-woman company in Helsinki that manufactures high-quality bags from recycled and surplus materials. The reuse of baby carriers is therefore a natural addition to MUUTE's operations. Woven baby carriers are mainly really durable and high quality fabrics and are therefore also well suited for reuse in bags. 

Bag maker Annika makes each bag herself from start to finish. In the study room in Suomenlinna, in the shelters of the old defensive wall, bags are created that are always made with thought and care.

Bag maker Annika Fuhrman

“My goal is to make timelessly stylish and durable products that put as little strain on our planet as possible. I hope that every bag will become a reliable travel companion for its owner, which will go hand in hand for a long time. "


How do I order a bag from my own carrier?

This year's first baby carrier bags are available to order OTHER from the online store 28.1.2022 – 11.2.2022.

After ordering, you will receive instructions on sending your own carrier to the bag maker and you will be able to discuss the details of your upcoming bag with Annika. Each baby carrier comes with a different, unique bag that takes into account the characteristics of the web and the possible pattern.

About four weeks after ordering, you will receive your bag in the return mail, and you can continue to carry it. 

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