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Jewelry store Helmi

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Korupaja Helmi is a small goldsmith's workshop in Haapavesi, Northern Ostrobothnia. Working in the workshop Mark ja Anni-Riitta Koskela.

Goldsmith Markku KoskelaAnni-Riitta Koskela

"Together we are a good team and the end result is always a grinding of both together."


I wanted to introduce Jewelry store Helmen, as the jewelry store specializes in recycling and realizing its values ​​at heart and in many different ways.

The jewelery workshop uses not only scrap gold and silver as recycling materials, but also old silver cutlery, used jewelery stones and jewelery parts. Some of the jewelry is made online store ready, but the jewelry is also made according to the customer's own wishes and from their own materials. The desire to create jewelry that is relevant to the customer is clearly present in the operation of the jewelry workshop.

It is inspiring to see how doing with an idea creates something unique, ecological and nostalgic.

Jewelry from silver spoons and coins

Spoon jewelry can probably already be called classics. Jewelery workshop Helmi has been making jewelery from old silver spoons since 2010. Even if you have never seen them before, the patterns are more familiar to many.

Spoon ring from a silver spoonBracelet from silver spoonsEarrings from silver spoons

Spoon jewelry has a breathtaking nostalgia for many.


Spoons make earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Spoon jewelry can be found in the online store ready-made, but jewelry can also be ordered from the treasures of your own stocks.

“Sometimes old Silver Spoons are left unused at the bottom of the box. They may have been inherited from a grandmother, for example, and they are accompanied by a wonderful story that you want to keep in the form of jewelry. Often customers come to us with just these spoons and they are made into jewelry according to the customer’s wishes. The old carvings of the spoons are also preserved in the jewelery. This is how Grandma's old Silver Spoons get new life in the form of jewelry and the story can continue. ”  


This kind of jewelry really has a story!

The online store also has a selection of old, Finnish ones silver coins made jewelry.

Broken jewelry for use or recycling

Broken, odd, and unnecessary gold and silver jewelry remains valuable as a raw material for new jewelry. You can sell them to Korupaja Helmi as a raw material, or why not even make yourself a unique piece of jewelry from your own material! So your valuables will continue to travel with your life, in a new form.

A nice service is that any surplus material can also be used to pay for the work.

Vintage jewelry

You can also find the jewelry store in Helmi's online store vintage jewelry department.

The selection includes Kalevala jewelry and Sarpaneva jewelry. Also interesting are pendants made by Korupaja Helmi from old pocket watches.


Pendant on vintage pocket watch

Remote service is playing

Whether you have in mind the maintenance, modification or ordering of jewelery, the service is handled all over Finland by post. Always contact the jewelry store first and arrange for work and shipping of jewelry.

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