Sewing Restyle by Mia

Sewing Restyle by Mia

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Stylish and modern sewing service

RESTYLE by Mia will help you love your clothes for longer.

The versatile sewing shop shows that repairing and maintaining is not shabby, but stylish and modern.

In this year's 10-year-old sewing shop, you will be served by Mia, Tiina and Heli.

Restyle sewing room seamstresses

“We do our work out of great love for the environment. 

Repairing clothes instead of buying new ones is
an environmentally conscious and sustainable decision that also supports the local
handicrafts. "


Online repair service

Restyle sewing shop is in the center of Vaasa, but the sewing shop also offers repair services online. Treated through the network

  • jeans repair
  • zipper replacement
  • mountain change
  • shortening of sleeves, trousers, skirts and dresses
  • repair of holes and seams
  • button sewing

 In addition to clothing, curtains can also be shortened via the net.

Post a picture of the work to be repaired on Restyle's website form, and you receive a quote for the work to be done. If you want to read the indicative price list in advance, you will find it täältä.

Repairs sent to Restyle will be returned even better after 7-14 days.

Jeans fit

In particular, I would like to highlight the repair of jeans. It is often difficult to see that broken jeans would still be usable, but even from an experienced seamstress, it can be done in style.

Mia fixes the jeans
 Increase the life of worn jeans from the crotch.


Credit collection for your own collection

Restyle by Mia also has its own classic timeless clothing collection. The collection consists of multi-purpose clothes that are topical from season to season.

The sewing shop Restyle by Mia's clothing collection includes classic clothes

To avoid overproduction, all products in the collection are sewn to order. At the same time, when ordering, it is possible to request your own dimensional changes, for example, to the length of the garment.

The products in the collection can be ordered online store

Women's clothing collection Restyle by Mia

Many of the products in the collection are designed using the zero waste method, which means that no pieces of fabric are left behind.

The right tools and good instructions for clothing maintenance

Clothing maintenance is an important part of the durability of clothing and Restyle also offers a very high quality range of clothing maintenance accessories. I wouldn't have thought I was so excited about maintenance supplies myself! However, the range includes a wide range of interesting clothing care products; ready-made maintenance kits and individually purchased accessories.

Accessories for clothing maintenance

Each accessory has good instructions for use, which also make it easy to assess whether the product is suitable for the intended use.

Also on Restyle's Instagram account @ there are good videos and tips. Take a look at an example Clothing Care section on how to steam a garment by steaming.

Contact us (också på svenska)


Websites and e-commerce

You can also follow Restyle’s good tips Facebook ja Instagram.

You can also visit the sewing shop on weekdays without an appointment, at Pitkäkatu 28-30, Vaasa