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One of the biggest challenges in our clothing consumption is the short lifespan of clothing. We have lost what has been self-evident in the past: the broken one is fixed. We have so much and so cheap that the true value of clothing has been forgotten. However, their constant manufacture over and over again from new material has become one of the biggest environmental hazards in the world.

I am thinking about my own grandmother or life even 50 years ago. How absurd it would have been to throw away a slightly broken garment. Or make a new one, because the old one didn't fit anymore. The fabric was valuable and the work done once was valuable. And so it should be now.

Today, we don’t necessarily have to repair broken clothes, but it would be responsible. Extending the life of an old garment by nine months can reduce its carbon and water footprint by up to 20-30% (source: The Clothing Revolution). Repairing the old would also be worthwhile, as there are a lot of durable, incredibly high quality materials in old clothes.

However, few today have the skills, time, or supplies to pimp and repair, and repair remains. Service and help are needed. In the hands of a skilled seamstress, unused and broken wardrobes get a new chance. There are no repair sewing shops in every corner these days, so I will be happy to present them for your help.

The sewing shop saves your favorite clothes

Espoo Mending is a sewing studio by Tuuli Solhagen from Espoo, who specializes in repairing and modifying clothes.

Tuuli Solhagen worked in a fashion company when she began to learn more about the backgrounds of clothing materials. The interest first led to a blog about material innovations, but soon writing alone no longer seemed enough. The desire to save natural resources was refined into the idea of ​​a clothing repair service. Tuuli began her seamstress studies to gain a holistic understanding of the anatomy of clothing and different manufacturing techniques. Now the world is being fixed by a small sewing studio in Kauklahti.

The wind has also been active in the Black Friday counter-phenomenon, Circular Mondayn (White Monday) as a Finnish promoter.

Repair sewing, modifications, modernizations

The sewing shop naturally helps with repairs, such as

zipper changes,

leg customizations,


and model alterations

If you want a more spectacular style, Tuuli will be happy to come up with trendy ones for you visible repairs for example, colorful patches or with a contrast stiches. Repair can also be tuning and personality is guaranteed!

Often, older treasures can also be found in the closet that have emotional value but are never accessible. In the hands of a skilled seamstress, they can be used to shape more modern, redesigned clothing. An old dressing gown can be customized into a daytime gown or Grandma’s old dress to suit her new owner. 

Everyday eco-deeds

Once a company has been founded on the principle of ecology, it operates in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

At Espoo Mending, all materials, patches and buttons are collected and used for repairs. Once produced, the material retains its value and finds its new place.

Espoo Mending´s website also presents in examples, how clothing repair saves natural resources.


Make it happen

You will find a sewing shop next to the Kauklahti commuter train station in Espoo, in an old atmospheric wooden house. 

Make an appointment to see how Espoo Mending can help you.

tel 0503286012

Hansatie 14 B, Espoo

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