Finnish Studio Rosiina makes dresses from recycled fabrics

Studio Rosiina dresses from recycled fabrics

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Studio Rosiina is a happy and warm-hearted dress store where you can order a custom dress made of reused fabrics.

"I would like Rosiina to make people smile on her lips and fall in love with something new!"  -Emmi Lahti, entrepreneur. That's what Studio Rosiina really does, and that's why I wanted to bring out Rosiina's new, warm-hearted concept.

With its own dimensions of old fabrics

Back to top Studio Rosina's selection includes one dress model, the simplicity of which emphasizes the beauty of the fabrics and allows the model to be customized to suit the customer. The dress has a loose design and its sweet spice is the ruffles on the waist and bag sleeves.

Studio Rosiina makes dresses to order

The online store has a small batch of pre-sewn dresses, but the selection focuses on custom-made dresses made to the customer's own dimensions. Since all Studio Rinosina fabrics are recycled treasures, the range of patterns varies naturally. The online store offers pre-combined pattern options from the available fabric selection, from which the customer can choose the one they like.

Embroidery with a unique touch

Studio Rozina’s “trademark” is a Plant-themed embroidery found in many of the brand’s clothing. A friend of embroidery can inquire about the possibility of getting a completely unique, embroidered addition to their future dress.

Plant-themed embroidery in Studio Rinosina's clothes

Useless new and valuable

Emmi Lahti is an entrepreneur at the studio Rinosina. Emmi is looking for suitable fabrics for dresses at Recycling Centers and small flea markets all over Finland. The favorites are the small village flea markets where you can find really high quality old fabrics.

Studio Raisin's dresses are made from recycled fabrics

Emmi's goal is to make the journey of existing materials continue for a long time to come. The love of making by hand and using recycled materials is conveyed in Studio Rosina's operations. Each fabric is carefully searched and selected and the entrepreneur greatly enjoys combining his findings into new dresses.

A big part of the enthusiasm for recycled materials is also that you never know what to find and you don’t get bored with anything. Sure, there are plenty of challenges here every day, with every material being different, but I love that very challenge!“-Emmi Lahti

Made in Finland. Studio Rosiina's dresses are sewn in Finland.

The fabrics selected during the search rounds will be washed and future pattern combinations will be designed at the home studio in Karkkila. If necessary, Emmi receives planning and sewing help from a competent family circle. 


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