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Stylist Annika Löfberg

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Knowing your own style is key when you want to build a time-lasting wardrobe for yourself. Especially when you want to invest in the responsibility of your clothes, it’s a shame if thoughtful shopping doesn’t quite feel like your own.

Many find themselves buying the same type of clothing over and over again, which, however, doesn’t make them feel natural and good. On the other hand, experimenting with a new style without help can feel like a search shoot.

When there is a desire to learn to dress in a way that brings joy to oneself, not anxiety, help can be found in the services of a stylist.

Styling help from a professional

I found a thing from the stylist by Annika Löfberg, which offers not only stylist services, but also online courses, which are accessible to everyone from home.

Stylist Annika Löfberg

Stylist Annika Löfberg also offers styling services online.


We are in line with Annika that a clothing store where all clothes are kept is the best way to promote more sustainable fashion.

Find your own unique style

Finding your own style by no means means that the entire contents of your wardrobe need to be redesigned. Sometimes the key can be found even in a combination of colors or outfits.

Find your own unique style online course is a good help when you want to develop your style independently, using the professional instructions of a stylist.

Find your own unique style online course


The course is an 8-day power pack during which you will have access to a new video with assignments every day. The course teaches, among other things, one's own ideal style and colors, emphasizing the best aspects of the body, building outfits and using one's own clothing store efficiently.

Styling online

Annika also offers other online styling services when you want ready-made solutions instead of learning on your own.

Online services can help you identify your body type and provide practical advice to highlight your best aspects.

You can also ask for personal styling help, which will give you pictorial styling instructions tailored to you.

Personal styling

Annika's styling “live” is also available in the Turku and Salo area, as I guess everything related to a personal meeting can be called during a pandemic.

The service packages are versatile and Annika even helps with hand-held clothing purchases.

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