2. Life Design is a designer duo that makes jewelry from recycled bike rubbers.

2. Life Design -designer duo

Jaime De Vizcaya ja Yuan Long are a couple and a designer duo. 

Jaime has designed for Aarika and taught sustainable design at Donghua University in Shanghai. Yuan is a jewelry designer and ceramicist who studied in the United States. Both are also masters of art from Aalto University and have focused on design that has lasted for years in both their studies and their work.

Together, the couple has been developing products from recycled materials since 2010. The background was an understanding of the huge footprint of design in mass production, which led the couple to set their professional goals again. 

Please tell us a little more about how 2. Life Design got its start?

“One rainy day our little daughter asked me to make a bow tie for herself and demanded to get out despite the rain"says Jaime. "I found an old, reddish-wheel inner tube that I started to cut and shape into a bow. The end result was good and my daughter was happy. After that, we started to think if the idea had potential for other products as well."

Natural recycled materials

2. Life Design is based on the nature of the material itself, finding its own beauty and exploiting its properties. 

Bag from recycled trade fair mat, handles from wheel rubbers

The carpet is made of strong but disposable polyester felt. 2. Life Design recycles felt to be durable as a bag. The belts are used wheel inner tubes. 

2. Life Design products

You make products such as bicycle inner tubes, trade fair mats, wires and computer parts. How did you end up with just these materials?

"We initially experimented with many materials and looked at the chemicals in them to avoid harmful properties. We were looking for materials in abundance to ensure continuity of production. We also wanted to avoid long transports and storage, so the material had to be found near our studio for walking or cycling."

Which of the materials is your favorite?

"The inner tube in the bike in particular is a versatile material with a lot of potential. We've been using it for years and it fits well with our products."

Accessories from recycled bike inner tubes

There are many inner tubes for the bike.

In the entire life cycle of design

With the exception of larger projects, Yuan and Jaime manufacture their products themselves.

You do not use heavy industrial machines for manufacturing. So would you tell us a little more about what is needed to make it?

"We make most of our products using traditional methods: cutting with scissors, stamping, sewing and joining with jewelry. We don't use glue or other corrosive substances. The idea is that at the end of their life, products can be disassembled and recycled."

Love and richness of cultures

What is special about the company is multiculturalism and versatile design expertise combined with Finnish education. One of these creates a modern and innovative design.

In everyday work, the couple utilizes the strengths of both and share work tasks. Yuan is mostly responsible for analytical work and Jaime handles more practical matters. Communication, design and product development are common ground.

What is it like working with a spouse?

"Relationships and working together require tolerance and mutual understanding. Although there are cultural differences, we are united by a passion for design and respect for nature."

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(Quotes translated from English by Maj-Lis Viitanen.)