Anette Ahokas Design clothes from Finland

Anette Ahokas is a clothing designer from Pori who, in addition to her own collection, designs performance costumes and formal wear.

The products in the Classic Woman collection in our selection are made from surplus items from the clothing industry. Efforts have also been made to utilize cutting waste. For example, pieces from leather cutting go into jewelry or a new use is planned for them.

"In my own women’s clothing collection, I want to emphasize a strong and body-positive image of women. The quality and timelessness of the clothes are my important values. "


Anette zoning the clothes herself, and they are sewn in small sewing shops in Turku.

I am inspired by materials, surfaces and their handling. The most beloved of the materials is leather, which I fell in love with during my artisan studies and thus it became a big part of my company's brand and collection. Leather is particularly fascinated by the use of recycled and fish leather and its processing.

Anette Ahokas manufactures fish skin earrings in Finland


Fishette is worn by Anette in her earrings. The leather comes from restaurants, and Anette tans and dyes it herself. A wide variety of colors glow wonderfully in the fish’s scales. The fish skin itself is thin, so the earrings are backed by recycled leather. Small pieces of leather are left in jewelery, for example when making leather clothes as cutting waste

"We want to make all the products in Finland. Our production is small, so the quality is easy to control."

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