Cuitu shoulder bag

Cuitu design bags from recycled materials

Cuitu is one of four young visionaries; Design brand and start up created by Moona Haapala, Evi Oivanen, Vilma Piironen and Anna Kytövuori.

Cuitu has a strong mission to develop better practices in the fashion industry, so responsibility is taken into account in the entire company's operations. The mission drives Cuitu to look for implementation and material solutions across industry boundaries both in Finland and abroad. 

Cuitu's design is creative, functional and thoughtful. You will find oversized details, tech feel, various structures and high-quality recycled materials in Cuitu's products.

Each bag is equipped with a numbered NFC chip where you can find more information about the bag. 

Cuitu bags



Cuitu's bags are made from surplus and recycled materials in Turku. Bags are sewing Cooperative Fabriikki8 / Männistö & Takalo.

The metal components are sourced from Sweden and Italy and have been carefully selected. The entrepreneurs themselves have visited the zipper manufacturer’s factory in Italy. The plant uses the zero metal waste principle and unused pieces of metal are remelted. The fabric parts of the zipper are made of recycled plastic bottles.


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