Globe hope

For Finnish Globe Hope is a probably one if the first brands to think of, when talking about recycled fashion. The founder Seija Lukkala was ahead of her time, when founding Globe Hope in 2003. She was convinced, that recycled textiles could be used to create timeless design. The first clothing collections were made of discarded hospital and army textiles and were to change the industry for good.

Globe Hope is a pioneer in recycling fashion

oday Globe Hope uses a great variety of recycled materials from different industries to create their accessories collections. You would find seat belts from car dismantlers turned into luxurious laptop bags. Airbags, surplus leather, army textiles, discarded uniforms, you name it. So many materials can be saved from being wasted. You just need a by innovative designer to see their potential!

Today Globe Hope is focused on bag collections. You would recognize some of the very distinguished looks, but also can find new design. The designer of the bags are Anssi Ruokokoski and Miisa Asikainen.

Globe Hope bags are made from recycled materials

Seija and her team are working in Nummela, Finland, where the raw materials arrive to be sorted and cleaned. Sewing is done Finland or Estonia, depending on the material.

The products have Avainlippu-tunnus and Design from Finland labels.

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