Hookoohoo bags from recycled seat belts

Hookoohoo Design's bags are made from recycled seat belts.

All Hookoohoo bags are created in Turku, in the skilled hands of artisan Hanna-Kaisa. The seat belts come from Finnish car dismantling companies.

The largest bags also use Finnish Teva Team workwear fabrics as lining. 

"I fell in love with the seat belt as soon as I looked at it as material. Suddenly an everyday, boring, serious and annoying object turned into an inspiring opportunity. What could all be done about it? Something durable, practical and necessary. And beautiful of course." 

Hookoohoo bags from recycled seat belts

The sleek style does justice to a material that is not only particularly durable, but also timelessly stylish.

The bags have an eternal warranty.

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