Kajoan Design wooden jewelry from Helsinki

Kajoan Design wooden jewelry from Helsinki

Kajoan Design was born from love of beauty and creating beautiful items. Design is always based on respect of nature and the materials are chosen in terms of their ethical and ecological impact.


Kajoan Design jewelry in Finland is made of Finnish wood


Modern design

Kajoanin was designed and manufactured in Helsinki. KajoanThe working couple are Johanna and Antti, Kajanus, in whose hands all the jewelry is created. 

Kajoan Design super women jewelry
The Superwomen series is a tribute to impressive women.
The shape and pattern designed by Johanna is cut from the plywood with a laser cutter, and from then on the machining, painting and varnishing is done by hand. The silver hooks on the jewelry (925) are shaped from the silver thread itself.

Finnish wood

The jewelry in our collection is made of Finnish birch plywood. Being a local, renewable and traceable material, is what we consider sustainable.

 The origin and supply chain of the wood have been awarded PEFC and FSC certificates.

  • The wood is not illegally felled
  • Logging does not violate traditional and civil rights
  • Wood is not felled in forests where forest management measures threaten valuable biotype conservation values.
  • Wood is not felled from forests that have been converted to tree plantations or from forests that are converted to non-forest use.
  • The tree does not come from forests planted with genetically modified seedlings.

Environmental and human friendliness are also taken into account in the choice of paints and varnishes.


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