Mahla Clothing

Mahla Clothing is a company founded by Tytti Hongisto and operates in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Tytti's design is based on the principles of slow fashion: quality, ecology and responsible production.

Because Mahla Clothing strives to avoid the problems caused by mass fashion, production is based on very small series, even individual pieces. Production takes place on the terms of available materials.

Ethical and ecological collection of Mahla Clothing

In our selection there is a very limited delicacy from Mahla Clothing's production. The clothes in our range are made from either surplus fabrics from the clothing industry, or cupro, which is made of linterns of cotton plant.

Tytti, who worked as a planner and model master with various fashion brands, is responsible for the design and zoning herself, and the clothes are sewn in Tallinn. 

Our selection