Miikko's Shoulder Bags are simple in design and made of ecological deer leather.


Miiko is a Finnish family business of four siblings from Tuusula.

Miiko invests in natural materials and Scandinavian reduced design. 

"Finnishness has been our most important value from the beginning."


Miikko's four siblings run the family business together

Miikko's products have the Design from Finland and Avainlippu symbols.

Upcycler's selection includes deer skins from Miiko shoulder bags

Rare deer skin

Moose skin is a by-product of strain thinning. So it’s ecological, free-skinned animal skin from our nearby nature. Leathers are always unique natural products.

Moose leather is exceptionally soft and supple, thick leather. It is comfortable to use and will last for years if properly cared for. Due to its rarity, it is also a valuable material.

The moose used in the deerskin products is manufactured by the responsible family company Kokkolan Nahka Oy, which has been operating for the third generation.

Leather bags are sewn in Espoo.

Aiming for a long life cycle

In product design, Miiko focuses not only on elegant design but also on timelessness and durability. Good design is both timely and timeless. The products are intended to last for years to be used as beloved favorite products.

"It's important to us that users of our products love to use them. Most of our favorite products are often used for the longest time and are also best cared for."

Miiko our products