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Myssys (a Finnish word for a knitted beanie) are made for misfits. Like the founders Anna and Janne Rauhansuu. The first Myssy was made by Janne, a former professional surfer. Later the couple returned to their home in Finnish countryside, had four kids and started a farm with finnsheep.

Founders of the hat farm

Anna’s vision was to create a fashion brand out of Myssy that has nothing to do with fashion as it is known. The making of the hats had to be genuine and organic.

Indeed, the ideology of the hat farm was soon identified by so many people who went their own way that auxiliary forces began to be needed for knitting. The local retired ladies -My Grandmothers came in a hurry. Every product on Myssyfarmi is born in the sticks of a local grandmother and is signed by its author.

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100% Finnish organic wool

Wool also comes from other farms today. However, only organic wool from Finnish farms is used, and the wool is also washed and spun locally. The production process preserves the natural lanolin of the wool, which makes the yarn naturally water and dirt repellent.

The Finnish sheep is a special country breed whose wool resembles merino wool in quality. However, about 70% of wool produced in Finland is disposed of as waste, as it has no market value covering the costs of sorting and transporting wool. The hat farm has wanted to tackle this grievance, take advantage of a fine, local raw material and pay fair compensation to the sheep farms. At the same time, Myssyfarmi also supports the Finnish spinning mill industry. The main partner is Pirtin Kehräämö.

List of wool producers

The hat farm uses organic wool from Finnish sheep

Some wools are used in their beautiful natural shades, some are dyed. All dyeing is done by hand at Myssyfarm's production facilities. Dyeing uses low acid dyes that are attached to the wire with citric acid. The dyeing process makes the yarns particularly fluffy and soft, and the colors vibrant and brilliant compared to industrially dyed.

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