Piece of Jeans innovative piece jeans

Piece of Jeans innovative piece jeans

Piece of Jeans is a Finnish company that makes a unique recycled design from jeans. The creator of the company is Moona Kansanen, who has developed a method for utilizing used jeans in a new product.

Making new jeans from new cotton requires about 10.000 gallons of clean water, a significant amount of chemicals, a lot of work and mechanical work steps and logistics. Recycling used jeans and extending their life therefore saves a lot of natural resources.

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Jeans used as a material

The jeans developed by Moona and used in the method are cut into square pieces. A new patchwork is made from the pieces to make new products. 

The color and placement of the pieces vary, so each denim product becomes unique. Both elastic and inelastic jeans can be utilized in new products when the pieces are placed in the right places according to the intended use.

The jeans used can be used not only for larger intact surfaces, but also for other parts. Piece of Jeans products feature pockets, seams, zippers, waist straps and even belt loops for reuse. 


Used jeansPieces of used jeans
Patchwork used jeans


The recycling method creates a patchwork fabric with pattern protection.


Origin and manufacture of the products

The jeans used in the products come from companies and customers in Finland. The jeans are cut into patches and disinfected before sewing. The sewing phase is done in Poland, in a Finnish-run small sewing shop. 


The Piece of Jeans selection includes jeans and denim bags, as well as accessories.


The Piece of Jeans selection includes jeans and accessories made from jeans

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