Remake Helsinki

A true pioneer

Paula Malleus' Remake Helsinki company and MEM is a pioneer on a global scale. Creating a series of second-hand collections of second-hand clothing has in itself been completely new and extraordinary. In addition, the collections approach textile art with sculptural three-dimensional shapes. Two elements that, when combined, require very special textile design skills and a tremendous amount of work.
"MEM - a brand by Finnish designer Paula Malleus - has shown a very innovative and modern collection, made exclusively out of post consumer waste, which makes her the very first designer in the world to ever exhibit a collection made entirely of textile waste."
Remake of the Ekodesign collection

In the Samurai collection, the jeans are worked with a printed pattern.

The MEM collections have been stand-alone and strong, loyal in their design to their vision. However, many of us have also seen a very different side of Paula’s work; The President’s Independence Day reception has been celebrated many times in costumes that have been handwritten by Paula Malleus, from recycled material, of course.

Remake Special

Sometimes things happen to fall into place. I opened my mouth at the right time in the right place and got a chance to get a selection of Remake Helsinki products for the Upcycler online store. While researching Remake’s inventories, I found products for the online store from different times, from different collections. Some of the songs from the MEM collections that were in production, some of the screenplays made for the catwalk. Some of the songs can also be found outside the collections in unique, redesigned works from used clothes. They are all single pieces, so this is a pretty exceptional set. That's why it's now called "Remake -Special!"

The findings remake

Since we are in Helsinki, this collection also went by subway from Remake to Upcycler care :)