Roihuvuoren Nahka

Roihuvuoren Nahka is a one man company. All work steps from design to product finishing are done by Antti himself in his office in Roihuvuori. 

The work is handcrafted and every product created in Antti's hands is made to last. The leather work goes on in Antti's family and he does some of the work with his tools. The carefully hand-made product has a very special feel!

Roihuvuoren Nahkan handicrafts at the Helsinki workshop

The products are vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather is a more ecological material than chrome tanned and, due to the longer manufacturing process, also a more valuable material. As a new plant, tanned leather is rigid, but softens in use and patinates naturally beautifully. 

Some bags and card cases are unpainted. The natural color of the skin patinates to light brown. Darker shades are hand-dyed by dripping the color onto the leather surface.

Antti procures leather from England, where small quantities suitable for the size of production are available. Leather is a surplus for the food industry. 

Leather plays a major role in the products. The bags are not lined, but the leather is visible on the inside of the bag. At the same time, every seam and carefully made stitch is visible. Beautiful!

Organic vegetable tanned leather handmade 

Leather is a well-groomed material that lasts for decades. However, if your leather product breaks in normal use, it will be repaired by the author himself.

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