Saara Ruskolan jewelry from recycled crown caps

Saara Ruskola jewelery design from Helsinki

Saara Ruskola is a jewelry designer and metal artisan. The jewelery will be completed in Sarah's office in eastern Helsinki. 

"I make my jewelry for you. Every piece of jewelry I design and make runs through my eyes, mind, and heart. And the joy that a little piece of jewelry can bring is something!"


Jewelry high

Saara uses crown caps from restaurants, for example, for recycling, which is the best way to recycle the material.

The manufacture of bottle cap jewelry begins with firing, whereby silicone parts and paints burn from the surface of the caps. Each cap gets its new shape by hand. Shaping is done by hand with the help of a wooden log and a hammer. 

Saara Ruskolan jewelry is made from recycled caps

Crown caps are made of steel, which is a light and non-allergenic material.

Saara Ruskola make jewelry by hand

The design is handcrafted and each piece of jewelry is made individually.

The jewelry is painted and varnished. The inside gets lovely glowing colors and the outside material with a silvery, matte finish. The silver parts contained in the jewelery are also shaped by Saara by hand, so that they have a shape that is seamlessly suited to the nature of the jewelery. 


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