TAUKO Design

TAUKO Design design clothes from recycled textiles

Recycled and interesting design 

TAUKO is a Helsinki-based design clothing brand, whose collections are made locally from recycled textiles. The company, founded by Mila Moision and Kaisa Rissanen in 2008, has been awarded as the developer of an innovative and circular economy-based production concept.

Our concept TAUKO also takes Finnish recycling and design know-how to the world. In 2019 TAUKO was awarded in Valencia, Spain, with recognition "The Best Sustainable Fashion Project".

Unique recycling concept

TAUKO cooperates with textile rental companies in Finland and Germany. Rental textiles are made to withstand extreme hard wear and tear, even when they are obsolete, they still have a long way to go as new clothing.  TAUKO gives this high-quality and durable material a new purpose and at the same time contributes to reducing the production of new material and the generation of textile waste. TAUKO collects and reuses thousands of pounds of textiles each year that would otherwise be recycled for the needs of the construction industry or incinerated for energy.

TAUKO dresses made of recycled material


Dresses made of recycled material. The most common material is a cotton blend.

The rental textiles are mainly cotton blend or cotton. In addition to recycled textiles TAUKOThe N collection includes a surplus leotard, as well as a cup.


By reusing textiles TAUKOs production produces even less COXNUMX than would result from burning textiles.

TAUKOThe textiles of the collections are processed in small Finnish and Estonian dyeing shops certified with the eco-tex standard. 

The Estonian small sewing shop Rütiks Oü is responsible for the production, cutting and sewing of the collections, with which TAUKOhas had close cooperation and for ten years. There are three in the sewing shop TAUKOs seamstress.

Lining fabrics and zippers are made from recycled, marine-collected plastic and other plastic waste in Portugal and Turkey.

TAUKOn buttons are manufactured by an Italian button factory specializing in recycled brass and non-toxic finishes.

Slow down fashion with skillful cuts

TAUKOn The design language of the collections emphasizes strong, interesting cuts. Yet clothing is at the same time a multi-purpose and years-long credit garment.

TAUKO Design ecological sign


 TAUKOs products can also be found Rental Service range.