Tina´s Design House

Tina´s Design House is a traditional leather workshop in Jakomäki, Helsinki. 

The company's founder Tiina Pyykkö is both an upholsterer and a master of leather work. With his work, he wants to resist the disposable culture and create sustainable, practical products. She has been doing leather work under Tina´s Design House since 2016.

The products are made of Finnish, ethically and ecologically produced, vegetable tanned cowhide. The leather is cut, dyed and sewn by hand, respecting the tradition of handicrafts.

To ensure durability, the products use thick leather, which is initially stiff, but softens and modifies in use.

From domestic ecological vegetable tanned leather

The Finnish Labor Association has awarded Tina's Design House for leather products as well Key flag, and Design from Finland -mark.

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