TUOHI Jewelry

TUOHI Jewelry is a new jewelry company based on more ecological jewelry design and uncompromising design. 

Behind TUOHI Jewelry is Reetta Tuohi, whose strong visual world began to emerge as Scandinavian clear, timeless and strong-shaped jewelry. In addition to the shape, the designer has focused on the reflection of light from different surfaces in the jewelry. The jewelry sets combine frosty matt surfaces with smooth, polished surfaces.

TUOHI Jewelry jewelry is recycled silver


TUOHI Jewelry's operations are guided by the pursuit of ecology at all stages of its work. The jewelery uses 100% recycled silver from Scandinavia. The jewelry is made by hand in Finland. Any silver left over from jewelry making is reused and when the jewelry is discarded, it can be smelted and the material reused. However, Reetta hopes her jewelry will last a long time, even from one generation to the next.

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