Vuurra's Finnish responsible clothing

Vuurran women's clothing from Finland

Vuurran is a small company in Turku that nurtures the principles of responsible clothing production. The goal is to design your favorite clothes that will serve in many situations and that you want to wear for a long time. Fit and comfort are then key. Many models can be customized to suit your dimensions, as the clothes are made to order. 

Vuurran clothes according to your own measurements

The picture shows entrepreneur Veera Vuorenpää

Made of more environmentally friendly tencel

The material in our Vuurran range is Tencel Refibra, which is manufactured cotton and wood fiber from textile waste. 

The Tencel® manufacturing process takes place in a closed loop, where chemicals are 99,5% recycled and reused. The manufacturing process also consumes less water and energy than the manufacture of other modified fibers, such as viscose, and is therefore a more environmentally friendly option. The generated wastewater is non-hazardous and the process does not involve any significant environmental emissions. 

Because Tencel's raw materials are natural materials, it also feels like natural fibers: breathable, non-electrifying and comfortable against the skin.

The fabric originates in Austria.

Made in Helsinki, Finland

Vuurran's products are manufactured in Finland. The products are sewn either by a small sewing shop in the Turku region, or by entrepreneur-designer Veera himself.

The products are designed to be easy to customize, so vyou could order a garment with exactly the length of leg, hem and sleeve you want, or a combination of two sizes. This way the garment is just right for you. 

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