Jeans in the loop

It overwhelms me, that more than 10.000 litres on water is needed to produce only on pair of jeans. That is a person´s drinking water for XNUMX years!

For that reason I am especially keen on finding brands, that are producing their products of recycled or reused denim.

Piece of Jeans

Piece of Jeans is creating products entirely made of post consumer denims. Used jeans are being cut to pieces, that are then reconstructed to new fabric. Seams and pockets can be used as well, when placing the pieces according to the best functional way.

jeans for recycling

new fabric is made of recycled material

bag of recycled jeans

In the picture Susanna Heinonen, photographed by Jussi Viljamaa.

A very unique service, that Piece of Jeans is offering, is custom made jeans. As popular as jeans are, they are often painful to buy and easily end up having a pile of non fit jeans in your drawer. Custom made jeans will solve the problem of uncomfortable jeans.

custom jeans

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Post Waste Collection

Pure Waste has a collection called Post Waste, that includes post consumer denim. No dyeing is needed, because the strong blue colour stays for the other round and gives the new yarn it´s relaxed denim blue shade.

post waste denim

Post Waste products:



dress shirt


The upcycling pioneer Remake Helsinki uses post consumer denim in their MEM-collections. Adding print on the denim gives it it a whole new look.

Mem post consumer denim

Kurin top printed post consumer denim

MEM dress post consumer denim

Our MEM products can be found A remake of the Helsinki collection

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