What to buy as a gift?

We put together gift tips for different occasions and situations to help you.

Gift Card

A gift card is always a viable solution.

Our gift card is electronic and you will receive it in your email as soon as you place your order. The gift card can either be delivered electronically or printed out to the recipient of the gift.

Gift Card

Graduation Gifts / Student Gifts

Kajoan Design gold-colored earrings are domestic birch plywood

Jewelry is a classic gift. Instead of gold, the jewelery can be made of Finnish birch plywood. The liberated bird contains a lot of symbolism. Suitable for all manufacturers, homeowners and industry changers. The jewelry is delivered in a stylish case.

Kajoan Design plywood jewelry

TUOHI Jewelry's simplified aesthetics are suitable for many users and many situations. Silver jewelery is made in Finland from 100% recycled silver.

TUOHI Jewelry

Gift Ideas: TUOHI Jewelry jewelry in recycled silver

The headphone / cosmetic bag has a fun, modern design. Suitable for both men and women. Recycled jeans as a material add value to the product.

Headphone bag

Headphone bag or cosmetic bag made from recycled jeans

The computer bag is suitable as a valuable gift for the graduate. The bag, made from recycled materials, communicates ecological values ​​and confidence in the future.

There are two sizes of bags made of Globe Hope seat belts.

The style of the computer bag made of fabric is more relaxed and also the price is cheaper.

Computer bags from recycled materials Globe Hope

The fashion used is also worth the finishing touches. So take a look second hand department, there may well be a suitable gift find!

For Him

Domestic handmade leather wallets and keychains for men

The handmade, leather gift is practical, durable and personal. Roihuvuoren Nahkan and Tina´s Design House's leather products are made in Helsinki.
The Pure Waste shirt is made from 100% recycled materials. The blue color comes from recycled jeans.
Used jeans are recycled in the blue collared shirt
A computer bag made of seat belts is a manly, valuable, necessary and guaranteed personal gift.
Pure Waste computer bag made of recycled seat belts


For an art lover. A necklace is a valuable gift that is made even more valuable by recycled materials and crafts. jewelery Artist Saara Ruskola n The Ruusa series is made of bottle caps 100% by hand in Helsinki.


Jewelry from recycled highs, jewelry artist Saara Ruskola

A handmade leather bag is a unique gift of value that also lasts for years. Vegetable tanned leather only heals as it ages. Roihuvuoren Nahkan ja Tina´s Design House the bags are made in Helsinki.

Handbags made in Finland

Delivery of gifts directly to the recipient

If you wish, we can also mail your gift directly to the recipient when you mark the recipient's address as the delivery address. You can add your own personal message to the order, which we will attach as a gift. Write your message in the "Special instructions for the seller" section of the Shopping Cart.


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