Under the Northern star

Finland here up North Europe is hardly a place one would think of when speaking of fashion business. One might think of big factories in Asia and feel helpless having no influence on that kind of giant industry. But it is here that we have the power to influence things.

As consumers we are one of the nations, that consumes way more than most of the people in the world and many times more than sustainable. It is obvious, that our choices matter. What we decide to do as consumers and what we decide to do for living.

Upcycler Helsinki decides to support fashion business that is sustainable in a way the industry in big scale yet can not be. Since against all the odds and limitations, there are great brands, great craftsmen, great innovative projects happening. Right where we are.

If we let go of the apparel production, we lose the power to choose, what is being produced. Without options, we are forced to buy what is imported.

Right now, many small business´s are struggling. Now is the time to choose wisely. Let´s make a difference.

Who then makes the products we sell?

Get to know the brands and factors


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