Chameleon: Mya pants

One good is better many poor. 

Chameleon blog series is about creating many outfits out of one multifunctional piece. You stay true to your style, while the chameleon is variable to different occasions.

Multipurpose Mya pants

TAUKO The design Mya pants are straight, with a slightly shorter and fairly wide leg. The waist is high, which is often even more comfortable in use; the tightest point does not hit the pelvis or lower abdomen. At the same time, the legs look longer and an hourglass effect is created. 

TAUKO Design black pants Mya

The Light Shades

Black trousers work well in spring and summer when combined with light shades. The coral-colored mini backpack is a wonderful boost to your outfit. Beige combines a jacket and a bag.

TAUKO Design Mya hats spring style

White T-shirt

Mocha jacket (second hand)

Mini Backpack

Update to fall

In the fall, the sculptural cuts of the shirt give interest to the whole black outfit. The wrap-around shirt goes well with high-waisted pants. 

The combination of brown and black is stylish and vibrant.

TAUKO Design Mya Pants autumn style



leather Bag

Leather jacket (vintage)

Sporty Sweatshirt Look

The college is now quite salon-friendly even in more formal situations, but still just as comfortable as casual casual wear. Also, the backpack is in place just about anywhere, and with the College a matter-of-fact sporty combination. When you want to tint, boldly break the black and white style with a fresh color!

TAUKO Design Mya pants casual college style

sweat shirt

Colorful trench coat


Formal Style

Not everyone is a dress type and pants also make a festive outfit.

The combination of orange and black is so effective that the outfit doesn’t miss much else. Fringe jewelry completes the style and the bag can be small and light. The outfit with black heels will also be updated for the evening party!

It’s easy to be in this outfit, and even the flowing straps don’t interfere with the joy; in this top they stay visually on the shoulders thanks to a skilful cut.


TAUKO Design party style Mya pants

Orange top

Fringe earrings

Black handbag


Feminine bohemian 

Ruffles and free shapes make the outfit suitably feminine and bohemian. The color I live in brings together the runners together into a stylish whole.

TAUKO Design Bohemian Style Mya slacks

Ruffle shirt


Macrame bag


Black pants are the cornerstone of the business style and an absolute classic. Even a matter-of-fact business style can be a bit of a joke; asymmetrical earrings are an interesting addition to the classic business style. 

The computer bag made of seat belts combines practicality and uncompromising style.

TAUKO Design Mya slack business style

Jacket (second hand)

computer Bag


Mya pants was also chosen by Emma Vilhelmiina for her blog:


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