Own dream clothes

Own custom-made dream clothes

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Often we may have in our mind some dream garment that we try in vain to look for in ready-made assortments. It should be a little shorter or looser or more sedentary, but in the absence of a better one, we are content with the options available. Less often, however, it comes to mind that clothes can also be made to order and get exactly the kind of clothing you want while sitting on your own dimensions.

The sewing shops were left in the background when a huge selection of fashion items, cheap, began to reach us. Now that we’re starting to realize that we went the wrong way after cheap fast fashion, it’s time to take a couple of steps back. And that by no means means old-fashioned, but the realization that seamstresses are right now the rock stories in whose hands durable and prestigious clothing is created. Because the most ecological clothes are the ones we wear for a long time. And when a garment is made for oneself, according to one's own wishes and one's own measurements, it is not abandoned by hev!

Patterned sewing shop

Hyvinkääläinen Sinin Kuvio has a service sewing shop that comes to your aid when you need something just made for you.

My own attention in this sewing shop attracted not only the eco-minded mindset of entrepreneur Sin, but also the versatility of services.

"The most common jobs in the past have been zipper changes, trouser leg shortenings and men's suit jackets, which in many places can have a couple of cents too much or too little fabric.the most common for me will be a lot of these changes once customers have seen what I do. Wonderful, different jobs. "

Custom work does not always have to start from scratch, with a new fabric, but can be based on a ready-made garment that needs a change. Sometimes the change work can be, for example, resizing, sometimes you want to make even big changes to the model of the garment.

Dress modification work in a sewing shop

The gentle dress became an electric Bilehile when the long chiffon skirt was changed to a shorter, black tulle skirt.

Sini always encourages you to ask when the mind is busy sewing or a garment or other textile that needs repair. You don't have to have a perfectly clear picture of the end result, but by designing together, you will find the right solutions for each.

Wedding dress modification work in a sewing shop

Black was originally wanted for the all-white skirt part of the wedding dress. As much as 10 meters of black tulle was added to the skirt! The corset section was retained.

Wedding dress modification work in a sewing shop

Photo: Sanni Rajala

What does sewing cost

Many will certainly consider the cost of repairs or custom work. The pages of the pattern can be found very comprehensive, clear price lists for different types of work. In the absence of a suitable example, you can always ask Sin about prices.

For example, when evaluating the prices of custom-made work, it is worth noting that a well-made and just-made fit can replace several, less successful purchases.

Zero Waste - no waste

The pattern has “not only” a sewing shop, but also online shop, which features home textiles, clothing and zero waste products made by Sin. What I find very interesting is that all the fabrics needed for the products are dyed themselves.

"I only order natural linen and white cotton from the wholesale. All the colors in the products are created in my office. The colors I use are durable and safe.

The principle of the pattern is that no waste is generated. Small pieces of residue create convenient bags and unevenly dyed fabrics can be used, for example, as lining for recycling bags.

Home textiles with cheerful patterns

Patterned e-commerce products delight with colors and good-natured, hand-printed images.

Contact Us

Although Kuvio works in Hyvinkää, you can feel free to connect with Sin from further afield.

+358 50 545 3678
Donnerinkatu 5 A 7
05800 Hyvinkää

Website and blog

The sewing shop's website and blog can be found at


Tip! The blog will soon start tracking an interesting change when a 15-year-old white wedding dress turns into a little black!

The pattern of some

You can also follow the news of the sewing shop and the new products in the online store at Kuviolla Some. In addition, you will find tutorials and other fun and useful stories.





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