Wardrobe makeovers and inspirations


In life

The wardrobe does not always keep up with life. At the beginning of the year, the mother's wardrobe, which had been left before the arrival of the children, was updated. This is what many of us do; care and time goes into upgrading your baby's and ever-growing baby's clothing inventory. At the same time, your needs, size and perhaps your body image will change. My own wardrobe no longer seems like my own, and it feels hard to find something that feels good.

New beginning

It is liberating to clean the clothes that are no longer used and belong to the "old life" from the closet. For some reason, it's easy to have a bad conscience to put away something that is basically good and appropriate, even though you know there's no use for you anymore. There are clothes you bought for your vacation, which then don't feel right at home. There are clothes you would like to wear, but there is never a good opportunity. Or some cool clothes that you just don't feel comfortable with.

It is genuinely useful to recycle unused and especially broken ones. This will free up space for those in use, who will be more accessible and will also stay in better condition. At the same time, unused clothing is given the opportunity to be used by someone else.

Working together makes it easier. We removed all clothes and accessories that were no longer in use. There was so much room that all the remaining clothes began to find their own place. 

There will always be bargains when cleaning! Even forgotten, good clothes can be found in wardrobes and returned to use. Forgotten and lost are the ones who are easily replaced by something new with the vague feeling that there is nothing over-the-top right.

Easier everyday 

The easy availability of the clothes needed at work has a lot to do with the smoothness of everyday life. Choosing the outfit for the day becomes easier when you see everything you have (or don't have!) At once. Many will surely recognize the situation when in the morning rush you can’t find the clothes you had thought for work for the day. You thought they were in the closet somewhere, but will eventually be found in the laundry basket. 

There was a whole space for work clothes, where the shirts can be hung. This way they are ready to use and do not wrinkle or dust while waiting to be used.

Current clothing; knitwear and hoodies were well placed in the closet for easy installation. In this closet space was provided for knitwear off the shelf. Spaciously sculpted knitwear remains good and easy to put on. 

The summer clothes were arranged for later use as a summer capsule, which will only be brought to the ear.

Let's be healed and saved

The materials always try to save what is redeemable.

Good-looking jeans were no longer in use because too long legs felt old-fashioned in this time of short pants. Even the ankle lengths of the legs were immediately clicked and good jeans were won again.

short cut jeansshort cut jeans

Beautiful pearl buttons were rescued from the torn knit.

Properly recycled

What is no longer used itself is recycled. To ensure the correct location, a recycling specialist Outi Pyy's recycling chart is used. The recycling scheme takes into account the most efficient recycling possible for different materials, taking into account the further processing processes of different parties. 

Chart and more information on Outi Pyy's website:



This time, clothes that needed to be washed out and needed to be washed before being taken for recycling were also treated.

Eventually 6 bags of clothing went from this wardrobe to the recycling center for new owners. 1 bag of broken mixed clothing was delivered to Sortti station. Only the pantyhose, which should not be put in the textile collection, went to the garbage, and through it to be burned.

Some of the outfit will go on sale to Upcycler's Second Hand department during the spring.

Used clothes and shoes for resale


Clothes for recycling