Personal and ecological gift ideas

10 personalized gift ideas

10 gift ideas that stand out from the crowd.

These gifts have a story and are made with love, to be given with love.

1. Natural beauty

Wooden Hand-carved and turned jewelry is guaranteed to be a unique gift for a lover of nature and natural style.

The jewelry is not painted, but the wood's own pattern is enough for decoration.

Choose simplistic buttons, or more eye-catching jewelry.

Made in Finland from a carpenter's surplus wood.

Length woodellery jewelry you can find täältä.

2. Meanings

Gift idea pendant in recycled silver

What’s more wonderful when you carry something particularly meaningful with you? You can buy single letters from word jewelry, or attach several to a chain. 

Sana jewelry is made in Finland, from 100% recycled silver.

Word silver pendants from here.

3. Wheel rubbers

Accessories from recycled bike tires

A tie, bow or jewelry made of wheel rubbers is a unique and interesting gift idea for a lover of personal style. 

Wheeled rubber products are made by 2. Life Design, a Helsinki-based designer duo, handcrafted.

Buy from here

4. Made of leather by hand

Gift idea made of leather handmade products

Handmade leather products in Finland are a valued gift.

Tina´s Design House's products are manufactured in Helsinki. The material is vegetable tanned leather, which lasts and patina beautifully as it ages.

You will find a selection täältä.

5. Products with a story

 Bohemian Insanity unique Madame bag


Bohemian Insanity’s Madame bags are unique personalities looking for a new walker alongside them. Each bag is made from recycled textiles and comes with a letter to the new owner.

Meet the Madams

6. Rare deer skin

Gift idea in a moose leather bag

Moose leather is a rare and therefore also a valuable material. Moose skin is only obtained as a result of stock thinning, so it is special and ecological as a nearby material.

Moose leather is thick, but at the same time luxuriously soft. Long-lasting and durable, a completely domestic choice.

You will find deerskin bags from here.

 7. About used jeans

Piece of Jeans jeans

A bag or a fair bag of used jeans is a fun gift for a recycling lover. There are also options for men that are suitable for men.

Piece of Jeans jeans

8. Symbolism

Gift idea Finnish jewelry

For new beginnings and free souls. The flying cage bird symbolizes freedom. 

The jewelery is Lohja-based birch plywood and they are made by hand in Helsinki.

Golden birds

Black birds

9. Valuable and practical

gift idea computer bag and computer backpack

A personal computer bag or backpack is a practical gift. Recycled seat belts are an admirable material for these bags. 

Seat belt bags are especially popular with men, so these are easy to recommend as gifts for men.

Computer bags are manufactured in Finland.

Computer backpack

computer Bag

10. Give the whole range as a gift

With the gift card, you give Finnish work, handicraft skills, sustainable development and a circular economy as a gift. 

The Upcycler gift card is electronic, so it arrives right away and it is easy to pass it on to the gift recipient even further.

Buy a gift card from here.