Organic party styles for summer parties

Inspirations for party style

Responsible and personal party styles where you celebrate sustainably.

The union of silky sheen and matte black

Kupro is a silk-like fiber with a sophisticated sheen. In the varying textures of the knit dress, the luster of the cupro is at its most beautiful.

Matte black leather is a good contrast to the smooth fiber of the dress.

Responsible party styles

The party outfit also easily transforms a degree more festive with heels and gold jewelry.

Black knitted dress

Moose leather handbag

Reindeer leather tassel earrings


Naturally spectacular

The sleeveless dress is an easy choice for Finland's changing weather.

It is natural to combine light shades with a pink dress.

The earrings are unpainted wood and the handbag is made of creamy velvet fabric.

Nude party style

Puff sleeve dress


Wooden earrings


The Crystal dress has a beautiful open back and an interesting cut that also resembles the shape of a strait. The diamond-shaped earrings fit perfectly into the faceted cuts of the dress. 

Faceted party style


Silver earrings


Hue to tone

The purple party outfit is a simplistic classic with a little spice: a handbag is a bag made of seat belts.

Silver jewelry and sophisticated lilac are a sure combination.

Purple party style

The party dress consisting of a skirt and a shirt is easy to customize, and both parts can also be used in a variety of ways in everyday use. For a friend of the dresses is sLavender shades are also available dress models.


Mid-sized watch skirt

Silver necklace

Silver earrings



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