As a gift to the Father

What about a gift for a Father, Grandfather, or Beloved Man? Father’s Day or Christmas, a loved one is nice to remember with a gift that is necessary, practical and just for his or her appearance.


"I did it myself!" The most valuable gifts for many are those self-made crafts, sympathetic cards, and an eager betrayal of secrets on Father’s Day morning.

The gift can also be complemented by the work of other domestic artisans. Small packages made of leather are practical gifts of value that only get better with use.

Tinas Design House keychain for men
Leather wallet for a man


For shared excursions

Are we going to a cottage, a forest trip or even a swimming pool together?

When you go on a trip, Dad has a stylish toiletry bag made of seat belts. Thanks to the spacious design and two-way zipper, this toiletry bag is also particularly convenient to use.

Toiletry bagToiletry bag with seat belts

It's nice to be outdoors with my father. A warm hat and woolen pads are suitable for yard trips or joint forest trips. What better gift for Dad than Grandma's hand-knitted warmers for the winter hustle and bustle?

Hats and woolen hats on the farm are not factory work, but hand-knitted warmers by table grandmothers. The material is Finnish Sheep Hand-dyed organic wool. If you wish, you can also bring a stylish gift box.

Hat farm sweaters for men

Let's have lunch, okay?

Globe Hope backpack for men

Made of technical fabric backpack withstands traces of moisture and hikes

To Dad's work

A classic and versatile sweater is the best package for a father. The round neck knit is suitable for both leisure and work. The lightweight knit is a cotton blend that is 100% recycled.

Men's sweater


A soft collared shirt is also suitable for more casual work. The material is a 100% recycled cotton blend and the soft-surfaced fabric feels pleasant even in winter.

Men's collared jeans

Denim blue collared shirt

Men's black collared shirt

Black collared shirt

For gullible moments

Do we soak, bake, or watch a movie together?

Sometimes it is good to supplement the basic products of the wardrobe in heavy use; T-shirts, college and college pants.

College hoodieMen's T-Shirt


 College and T-shirts for a casual go 

Good moments, surprises and love! <3

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