Handbag Mademe Annabelle, Bohemian Insanity

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"I'm Madame Annabelle. A former cushion cover, kind of very big, and a current handbag, kind of really elegant and gorgeous!

My job was to make sure the kids had a comfortable, soft surface when they were squatting with their books on the floor or building with legos. There was no play I wouldn’t have agreed to. I was a horse, a beast, a mountain and a giant big stomach. I could claim to be one of the most versatile cushion covers.

Well, now the world is spinning so that nothing lasts forever. "

Mademe Annabelle is a unique handbag sewn from recycled materials. Along with the bag, you will receive a letter in which Madame Annebelle tells her entire story.

Size: height approx. 37 cm, width approx. 30 cm. 

  • closes with two sturdy push buttons
  • inside a small, zippered pocket and an open pocket for a phone, for example
  • color: fuchsia and black

Material: reused interior fabric, Finland

Manufactured by Heli Kuula in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Why is this product a greener choice?

Making a new fabric always consumes natural resources. This bag has been made from discarded fabric, which has gained more life as a bag.

Energy demand and transportation distances are low when both material procurement and manufacturing take place as local production in a small business.

What do we know about product ethics?

Bohemian Insanity receives used materials mainly as a donation and makes individual recycled products from them. Manufacturing takes place entirely in Finland and all products are manufactured by entrepreneur Heli Kuula. Products have a Key Flag ID.


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