Dress Powa, pink. Rå Wear. Sizes 38 and 40

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Powa dress has an attitude!

The juju of the dress has long puff sleeves and a rather short hem. 

Material: 40% viscose, 30% polyester, 25% linen, 5% cotton. The fabric is made from the fibers of used textiles and clothing. Made in the EU.

Manufacture: The fabric is cut in Helsinki and sewn into a finished dress in Rauma.

    Rå Wear dresses are ykthensongs or small series, so they are a sure choice for those who value individuality. We will complete the selection as more products are sewn.

    Why is this garment a more ecological choice?

    The production of a new raw material always consumes natural resources. Recycled fibers have been used in this fabric, which gives the already produced raw material a longer life cycle and avoids the production of a new raw material.

    What about ethics then?

    The fabric is made in the EU and cut and sewn in Finland. Legislation in European countries ensures adequate pay, occupational safety and working conditions.

    Measures taken from the cloth:

    Dimensions Powa dress Rå Wear