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Backpack small backpack Hookoohoo Design
Hookoohoon Backpack from recycled seat belts
Backpack city backpack Hookoohoo Design

Backpack, Hookoohoo

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The backpack is a smaller, compact city backpack. The backpack is made of recycled seat belts.

The zipper opens to the bottom, making it easy to pack and locate. The shoulder straps are adjustable and easy to use with a small carrying handle. Zippered pocket inside.

Eternal guarantee.


  • Height 29cm
  • Width 23cm
  • Depth 8 cm

The backpack is made to order, delivery time is 1-3 weeks.

Made in Finland.

Care instructions:

Stains and dust can be wiped off with a damp cloth, but if necessary, you can also rinse the bag with lukewarm water or provide it with a washing machine ride.