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  • Piece of Jeans men's jeans from ecologically recycled jeans
  • Piece of Jeans men's jeans slim fit recycled jeans
  • Men's jeans from recycled jeans. Black-gray.
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Piece of Jeans

Men 's jeans slim fit blue and black

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The eye-catching men’s jeans are made from used jeans. Each pair is unique, and the color placement of the pieces varies. The model is slim-legged slim. The jeans contain both elastic and inelastic pieces, so they fit well and are comfortable to wear. 

  • Zipper and button fastening
  • Front pockets. No back pockets.
  • Inside the waistband is a sturdy elastic band, which can also be removed if desired.

Material: 100% reused jeans from Finland. 

Country of manufacture: Poland (EU)

Why are these jeans a greener option?

The production of a new fabric always consumes natural resources and the production of jeans consumes a particularly large amount of water, both in the cultivation of cotton and in the dyeing and washing of jeans. Jeans made from recycled material save more than 10 liters of water compared to those made from new cotton.

What about ethics?

The jeans are made of Finnish waste textile in Europe. In the EU taken care of legislation on adequate pay, occupational safety and working conditions.

Choosing the right size

Take the dimensions according to the table and compare your own dimensions with the table. The maximum dimensions for both the thigh and the pelvis are given in the table. So make sure both dimensions are within the size you choose.

If you want a looser fit, choose one larger size.

1. Measure your hip circumference and select the size corresponding to the circumference from the table.

2. You can also check the waist circumference and height here.

3. Check the length of the jeans by measuring the inside length of the thighs. You can also check the thigh circumference by measuring the widest point of your thigh circumference.

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