Denim bag of pieces, Piece of Jeans

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A unique jeans bag that fits, for example, an A4 notebook. Suitable for carrying on the shoulder.

The bag is made from recycled jeans. There are several jeans pockets on the outside where it is convenient to keep small items. There are no pockets on the inside, and no lining. 

Each denim bag is unique in appearance. You can choose blue or black-gray as the color. 

Dimensions: hight35cm, width 32cm , depth 6 cm. Strap length 50cm. 

Material: 100% reused jeans from Finland.

Country of manufacture: Poland (EU)

Delivered by letter mail. 

Why is this jeans product a greener option?

The production of a new fabric always consumes natural resources and the production of jeans consumes a particularly large amount of water, both in the cultivation of cotton and in the dyeing and washing of jeans. Recycling used jeans and extending their lifespan saves significant natural resources.

What about ethics?

The denim bag is made of Finnish waste textile in Europe. In the EU taken care of legislation on adequate pay, occupational safety and working conditions.

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 Photo by Jussi Viljamaa. Models: Carl-Gustav Kurn, Heta Loponen.