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  • Length woodellery earrings made of wood. Handmade in Finland.
  • Length woodellery wooden earrings with two round discs. Handmade from wood.
  • Length woodellery wooden earrings hand turned
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Pitu Woodellery

Earrings Calm

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Calm earrings are a trifle of accessories: always subduedly elegant.

Handmade wooden jewelery is a skillful Finnish handicraft. The surface of the wood is machined to a silky smooth, giving the beautiful, varied pattern its rights. 

The material options are either ash or birch. The ash has a striped pattern and the birch has a "living" pattern.

  • Size: 6 cm with hooks
  • The hooks are made of surgical steel

Preparation: The wood is turned, sanded and oiled by hand. The jewelery is made by Pitja Simi in Oulais, Finland.

Delivered in a jewelry box.

Please be aware that it may take a few days for the products to be manufactured.

Why is this jewelry a more ecological choice?

Jewelry is locally produced at its best. The wood used in the jewelery is a surplus of the Finnish carpenter, so no new wood is needed and at the same time the already felled wood is used more efficiently. Jewelry made by hand flow or turning.

What about ethics?

The product, made in Finland, supports Finnish entrepreneurship and maintains a handicraft that is already rare. Pitu Woodelllery products have the Key Flag logo. 

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