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  • Loan company black jumpsuit People Tree
  • Black overalls in organic cotton
  • Jumpsuit organic cotton People Tree
  • Black jumpsuit with elastic waist
  • Black coverall with undersized legs.
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LAINAAMO Overall, People Tree

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The coverall is both a comfortable and a stylish choice. Undersized legs and elastic waist

Wrap-around top with button fastening to prevent neck opening during use. Pockets on the sides.

Material: 95% organic cotton (GOTS certified), 5% elastane.

Manufactured by Assisi Garments in India. 

RRP 119 euros

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Use for 14 days. If necessary, you can wash the product during the loan according to the washing instructions.

Repay at the end of the loan period. The product does not need to be washed before return.

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