Ecological Materials

The production of raw materials plays a major role in creating the environmental burden of fashion. Currently, the majority of the clothing we consume is made from new materials, although at the same time we produce large amounts of textile waste. Therefore, our goal is to reduce the need for new raw material production.

The selection of our online store consists of clothing, bags and jewelry made from recycled, reused, or local renewable materials. The ecological nature of the materials is therefore based on the fact that the production of clothing or accessories requires as few new raw materials as possible that are harmful to the environment.

Recycled materials for clothing

Some of the garments are made from recycled fibers, for example by utilizing cutting waste from the textile industry, by processing into new yarn. In this way, a new fabric is made either completely or partially from recycled material.

ecological materials in clothing

New fiber from cotton chips

Pure Waste products is made by combining recycled cotton with polyester made from recycled bottles.

Cotton cutting waste is also utilized in the manufacture of Tencel Refibra, which combines wood fiber with cotton chips. Tencel Refibra is used in its collections Vuurran.

TAUKO Design while utilizing discarded rental textiles that are dyed and sewn into clothing.

Ecological modified fibers

The raw material for cupro is also derived from the cotton plant. The fluff that remains in the manufacture of cotton fiber, covering the seeds, can be processed into a cupro, which is a silky shiny, even luxurious material. Hump ​​is found TAUKOn knitted dresses ja Mahla Clothing selections.

Ecological clothing material cupro, TAUKO

Kupro is a high-quality and attractive material

Reusable fabrics in a new product

Some of the products are made of finished fabrics, which are left over from, for example, the clothing industry. By using surplus fabrics, the once-made material can be utilized efficiently.

Anette Ahokas Design ja Mahla Clothing manufacture their garments from surplus fabrics which are used as such for new products.

Post consumer waste used clothes for a new round

Used clothing parts can be utilized in new clothing.

Remake of Helsinki The material of the MEM collections is exclusively used clothes, the parts of which are used to make new clothes.

Also Piece of Jeans products made from used jeans. The jeans are cut into pieces, which are sewn again into a new patchwork fabric.

Organic clothing materials used jeans

The jeans used are the ecological material of Piece of Jeans products

Also included in Pure Waste Textiles POST WASTE from the jeans used as raw material in the products of its collection. The jeans used in the Post Waste method are re-unpacked into fibers, which are spun together with other recycled materials into new yarn.

Second Hand Used Discoveries

The clothes we already use have a large stock of raw materials. You can find in our selection used clothes, which still have a lifetime remaining as such, but which have become redundant for their previous owners.

Recycled materials in bags and jewelry

Interesting textile materials are also a diving suit fabric that turns into a quality shoulder bag Cuitun design, as well as recycled seat belts.

Recycled seat belts are used in their bags Hookoohoo ja Globe hope.

Ecological materials in bags

Seat belts and neoprene

The selection is also popular macramejewelry and accessories. In these, the ecological nature of the material has been taken into account by including in the selection of brands that use yarn containing recycled cotton as the main material for their jewelry.

In addition, our selection includes bags and jewelry whose raw material comes from other industries. Such are e.g. leatheroriginating in the food or furniture industry, and bottle caps ja fish skin Restaurants.

Ecological materials in jewelry

Crown caps and fish skin

Traditional jewelry material silver can also be found TUOHI Jewelryn 100% recycled from jewelry.

Renewable, local materials

Sometimes we also offer virgin materials in our range. These are materials that can be produced locally in Europe without unsustainable environmental or social impacts.

Currently, our range includes renewable certified Finnish birch plywood for use in jewelery Kajoan Design.

The method of preparation matters

The ecological nature of the material itself is not enough to make the product ecological, but the entire manufacturing process affects how the environmental load of the garment or accessory is eventually formed. Upcycler favors domestic clothing brands, local production and small businesses with the will and ability to make their products as ecologically as possible from material selection to finishing.

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