Ecological Materials

The production of raw materials plays a major role in creating the environmental burden of fashion. Currently, the majority of the clothing we consume is made from new materials, although at the same time we produce large amounts of textile waste. Therefore, Upcycler’s goal is to reduce the need for new raw material production.

The selection of our online store consists of clothing, bags and jewelry made from recycled, reused, or local renewable materials. The ecological nature of the materials is therefore based on the fact that the production of clothing or accessories requires as few new raw materials as possible that are harmful to the environment.

New clothes from recycled material
Surplus materials for recovery
Increase the age of textiles with reuse
Post consumer waste
Coming from Finland 
used clothing and accessories

The method of preparation matters

The ecological nature of the material itself is not enough to make the product ecological, but the entire manufacturing process affects how the environmental load of the garment or accessory is eventually formed. Upcycler favors domestic clothing brands, local production and small businesses with the will and ability to make their products as ecologically as possible from material selection to finishing. 

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