Write your own responsibility text guide for small businesses

Responsibility into words -small business guide is an online course for small entrepreneurs that guides you to write your own responsibility section on your business website. 

The right method, the right words

In this course, you will learn a method that allows you to write your own professional responsibility text for publication on a company’s website.

During the course, you will outline the key responsibility themes in your field and form an essential content for your own company. Concrete instructions help you edit topics into plain text. 

The course answers your questions

  • what should the responsibility text include and what not?
  • how wide is the topic of squeezing diamond - the most relevant content for your business?
  • how to form a complete and professional text on topics?
  • how do you hone your text so that it represents the company in a representative and truthful way?

To support the work, you will find plenty of illustrative examples, as well as bonus appendices:

Don't Green-Wash -How to Avoid the Green Washer Stamp

What if I say something wrong? Many entrepreneurs have this concern in mind, even to the extent that it slows down the start of writing. The appendix provides examples of how to say your own work truthfully and representatively, minimizing the possibility of misunderstandings.

Long or long? -Bonus tips for editing text

Others are sprawling writers, while the challenge for the other is an overly condensed text. The appendix provides additional tips for different authors if their own text needs editing.

At the end of the course, you will have a ready-to-publish text and a one-step publication ahead.

Personal feedback

Because everyone has individual challenges, I also offer those who have purchased the course the opportunity to receive personal feedback on the text. You can request feedback either during the job if you feel it is difficult to progress, or from the finished text at the end of the job.

    Who is the online course suitable for?

    The course is specifically designed for small businesses that manufacture or sell a physical product.

    The course is well suited for the authors of the first responsibility text, but also for those who are unsure of the text already published.  

    • When you don’t know what to write about responsibility.
    • When producing text feels challenging.
    • When you're excited, can you do it right.

    At your own pace, in your own style

    The online course includes pdf text material and a word workbook to help you produce your own text step by step, at your own pace.

    There is no time limit for completing the course.


    Order the course now and publish your own description of responsibility.



    To help small entrepreneurs

    In my work as an online retailer and responsibility advocate, I have found that producing responsibility descriptions is challenging for many small businesses. That’s why I want to offer solutions that are small in size and look small. The online course and sparring service guide you through your writing work. You can get help from the content production service to produce ready-made content on your own scale.


    Upcycler Helsinki is an online store and a small Finnish company offering content production services. You can always contact us to ask about the course or services: service@upcyclerhelsinki.com

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