Transparent production

Transparency makes it easier to choose what kind of products and what kind of production each of us wants to support.

It is easier to see nearby

We primarily select products from Finnish companies for the online store. By supporting nearby companies, Upcycler wants to support companies with a short and / or transparent production chain that takes ecology into account in its various stages of work.

By supporting Finnish fashion production, we enable our market to have a more diverse product range and the availability of sustainably manufactured products. We have good opportunities for this, because in Finland, forms of energy and infrastructure support ecological production methods.

The little ones have the power to change

Some of Upcycler's partner companies are long-standing pioneers in the field of greener fashion, but there are also many micro-companies in the early stages of their careers.

In Finland, much smaller companies have emerged in terms of high-quality, long-lasting product and environmentally friendly production.

Handcrafted products are also valued by Upcycler, as they have a short production chain and shorter transport distances between work steps. In local production, manufacturing is transparent and many problems related to ethics and ecology can be avoided. 

Get to know the factors

We tell about the backgrounds and production of each company on their own page.

Get to know the factors here.