Transparency know what you are buying

Transparency makes it easier to choose what kind of companies and what kind of production each of us wants to support.

Product responsibility is always affected by many factors. In addition to the material and country of manufacture, it is also responsible to know the method of manufacture and the origin of the material.

In the product-specific information, we tell you about the materials and origin of the products. In-depth information about the company can be found on the companies' presentation pages.

It is easier to see nearby

We primarily select products from Finnish companies for the online store. By supporting nearby companies, Upcycler wants to support companies with a short and / or transparent production chain that takes ecology into account in its various stages of work.

Where from? 

Country of Origin

Country of manufacture means the country where the product is sewn or shaped.

Most of the products in our range are made in Europe. In addition to Finland, European manufacturing countries are Estonia and Poland. 

Multi-brand products or some of the products are manufactured in Estonia, while they are manufactured in Poland Piece of Jeans -Products. 

Product-specific information about the country of manufacture can be found in each product's own product information.

Selection of variants pcs / country
Distribution of countries of manufacture of products


Production outside Europe comes into play when the raw material is cutting waste from the textile industry. In this case, the raw material is processed into new fiber near its birthplace in Asia. Pure Waste Textiles has developed its own concept for cotton waste treatment and the products are manufactured responsibly in India. Also Globe Hopes garments are made using Pure Waste Textiles material in India and Bangladesh. Ensures responsible production Global Recycled Standardcertification, which also covers social and environmental conditions. 

Countries of origin of materials

In the case of recycled materials, the country of origin of the material is the country from which the recycled material was obtained. In other words, the country where the material has become unusable and given for recycling or waste treatment.

Selection of variants pcs / country
Origin of recycled materials

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