Transparent production

Transparency makes it easier fro us as consumers to choose, what kind of products and production we want to support. They made the products sold in our online shop.

TAUKO Design

Founders and designers: Mila Moisio ja Kaisa Rissanen

Main source of material: discarded rental textiles from Finland and Germany.

Material recycling, dyeing, cutting and sewing in Finland and Loksa, Estonia.

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Globe hope

Founder: Seija Lukkala

Designers: Anssi Ruokokoski, Miisa Asikainen ja Seija Lukkala

Globe Hope uses very wide range of recycled materials from different industries.

Material is sorted and cleaned in Nummela, Finland. Some products are sewn in Finland and some in Estonia.

The products have Avainlippu-tunnus and Design from Finland labels.

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Pure Waste

Because global fashion industry produces a large amount of waste, that can be recycled into usable materials, it makes sense to process the waste where it is created. Pure Waste Textiles has a significant waste reducing concept, that utilizes cutting scrap of clothing factories. Depending on a product, the new material can also include polyester from used plastic bottles, or fibers from second hand clothing.

The factory is located in India.

Voit read more, how responsibility for the ethics of production in a developing country has been taken into account.

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Remake Helsinki

Founder of Remake Helsinki and designer of MEM: Paula Malleus.

MEM is the world’s first mass-produced collection made using only used clothing as a material. The clothes used come from SPR's Container in Vantaa. Printed parts from the Kokkotyö Foundation. The collections are sewn in Helsinki.

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Roihuvuoren Nahka

All products are designed and handmade by the founder Antti.

The material is food industry surplus leather, which is plant tanned in England. The products, including dyeing, are made by hand in Roihuvuori, Helsinki.

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Anette Ahokas Design

Founder and designer: Anette Ahokas

The clothing sold in our store are made of surplus fabrics from Finnish apparel industry. Patters, and cuttiing is done by Anette herself, and the products are sewn in small dressmake shops in Turku, Finland.

Fish skin earrings are made of restaurant surplus, combines to recycled leather. Tanning and making of the jewelry is done by Anette.

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Saara Ruskola

All products are designed and made by Saara, the artist herself.

In our selection we have the Ruusa- series that is made of used bottle caps and silver (925). The silver part are also crafted to complete the look of the design by Saara.

Made in Helsinki, Finland.

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Kajoan Design

All Kajoan products are made by Johanna and Antti Kajanus.

Products sold in our store are made of certified Finnish birch plywood and silver (925). Silver is crafted by Johanna. Each jewelry is hand painted.

Made in Helsinki, Finland.

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Piece of Jeans

Behind Piece of Jeans is a young entrepreneur Moona Kansanen. He has developed a method in which used jeans are cut into pieces and assembled into a new fabric. The jeans used in the products come from companies and customers in Finland. The material leaves for disinfection and washing in Poland, where the products are also sewn in a Finnish-run small sewing shop. The entrepreneur has visited the sewing shop himself.

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Rå Wear

The founder of Rå Wear is Heidi Råstedt from Helsinki. The entire production is Heidi’s handwriting from sourcing materials to sewing. The fabrics are procured recycled from Helsinki.

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Ekotar Design

Ekotar Design is a one-woman company from Kajaani. We work with The macrame bags and jewelery are made by Tiia Korhonen. The yarn used is Kauhava Lankavan, 80% recycled cotton.


Founders: Moona Haapala, Evi Oivanen, Vilma Piironen and Anna Kytövuori

Made of diving suit fabric as a surplus from Ursuit. Other parts come from Sweden and Italy.

The entrepreneurs themselves have visited the zipper manufacturer’s factory in Italy. The factory uses the zero metal waste principle and unused parts are remelted. Fabric parts are made from recycled plastic bottles.

The products are sewn in Turku by the handicraft cooperative Framila.

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Founder and designer: Veera Vuorenpää

Made of Tencel Refibra, which is 30% recycled cotton residue left in the clothing industry and 70% wood fiber. Tencel's manufacturing process takes place in a closed loop, saving water and energy. Country of origin of the fabric Austria.

The products are sewn either by Veera himself, or by a sewing shop in the Turku region.

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Created by Anni Lindström

All Solmien products are manufactured by Anni in Kirkkonummi. The material is 100% recycled cotton. Hooks made of surgical steel are procured from a small Finnish company.

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Tuohi Jewelry

Founder and designer: Reetta Tuohi

The material of the jewelry is 100% recycled Sterling silver (925), which originates from Scandinavia.

The jewelry is made by jewelers by hand in Finland.

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Founder, designer and manufacturer of products: Sari Manner

The jewelery is made of Finnish reindeer leather, which is tanned and finished To the new arch Ahlskog Tannery. The metal parts of the jewelry are steel.

The jewelery is made in Helsinki.

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Tina´s Design House

Founder, designer and manufacturer of products: Tiina Pyykkö

The products are made from bovine leather, a by-product of every domestic dairy and meat farm. The leather is handled by Pelo's leather tanner in Central Ostrobothnia. Pelo is Finland's oldest operating tannery and family business.

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