Content production services

When you want ready-made content for your business, I produce text that fits the purpose, looks and is sized for your business.

Typically, the text is a responsibility section of the company’s website, but you are also welcome to connect with other content as well.

Responsibility for words package 

Responsibility for words is a content production service where you get ready-to-publish text for your company. 

In order to serve your business, I familiarize myself with the content of the company pages and send questions as a basis for work. We also meet remotely to further verify and refine the content. Half an hour is set aside for a distance conversation.

Based on the information, I prepare a ready-made proposal for the company on the content and text of the responsibility pages.

What does the package include?

  • Familiarize yourself with the company's website and social media channels
  • Remote appointment 30 minutes
  • Any additional questions sent by e-mail
  • Ready-to-publish text submitted to the company's website as a word file. If you want, you can also edit the text before publishing.

Reference from Deeds to Words

Who is the content production package suitable for?

This package is for you who are just setting up a responsibility section on your website, or need help developing existing responsibility content.

  • You don’t know what the pages should say    
  • The content of the pages is clear, but producing text and saying things feels difficult 
  • The content of the pages is clear, but has not been done from other jobs 
  • The content has already been published, but raises questions and you feel the need to update the content

This package is sufficient when the company's operations / product range is fairly uniform, for example in the manufacture of clothing or jewelery.

The price of the service is 275 euros + VAT 24%.

For example, if your company has several product categories with very different materials, you may need a larger package. In that case, I will make you an offer based on the estimated number of hours.

Service according to your needs

Nor is the content of the package written in stone. If you need an extension to the service, such as responsibility consulting or producing textual content on social media, an entity that suits your company's needs will be made. Asking a question is already half the solution :)

I look forward to hearing from you!


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    Would you rather write your own text, but need help or support?

    You will be there to help Responsibility into words
    online course or personal sparring.

    Online course

    The Responsibility for Words online course will guide you to write a description of responsibility on your company's website that matches the relevant themes in the industry.

    The course is especially aimed at small businesses that manufacture or sell physical products.

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    Sparring service

    A small entrepreneur is alone in many things. Sometimes an outside perspective or feedback helps clarify the direction of the work. In sparring, you get support and help from a colleague who is familiar with the topic of responsibility.

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    Let's find out more!

    Tips and discussion on responsibility issues. Join us!


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