Service descriptions and price list

Responsibility for words package 

275 euros + VAT 24%

What does the package include?

In order to serve your business, I will review the content of your business pages and send you questions as a basis for your work. After the preliminary information, I will ask further questions and we will also meet remotely, in which case we will further confirm and refine the suitability of the content.

I prepare a ready-made proposal for the company on the content of the responsibility pages and, if necessary, also the content text.

Half an hour is set aside for a remote conversation. The content of the responsibility pages is based on information received from the customer company and the company itself is responsible for their accuracy. If the information is incomplete, the proposal to be submitted may also include suggestions for further information.

Who is the content production package suitable for?

This package is for you who are just setting up a responsibility section on your website, or need help developing existing responsibility content.

  • You don’t know what the pages should say    
  • The content of the pages is clear, but producing text and saying things feels difficult 
  • The content of the pages is clear, but has not been done from other jobs 
  • The content has already been published, but raises questions and you feel the need to update the content

This package is sufficient when the company's activities / product range are fairly uniform, for example in the manufacture of clothing or jewelery. For example, if your company has several product categories with very different materials, there may be a need for a broader package. In that case, I will make an offer based on the estimated number of hours.

Service according to your needs

Nor is the content of the package written in stone. If you need an extension to the service, such as responsibility consulting or producing textual content on social media, an entity that suits your company's needs will be made. Asking a question is already half the solution :)


Price: 75 euros / hour + VAT 24%

Sometimes the opinion and feedback of an outsider is needed to clarify the direction of your own work.

Who is sparring suitable for?

Sparring is right for you when

  • you don’t have a responsibility page yet, but you’re wondering if it should be?
  • you have decided to make your own pages and want to chat about future content
  • you already have responsibility pages and hyou get feedback on the content of your pages
Sometimes a content production service can be a natural extension of a sparring conversation — if you will.


What does sparring involve?

Sparring can be a discussion, giving feedback on existing content, and asking for advice on future content. So you determine for yourself what kind of help you need to get ahead in this particular situation.

Sparring can be done either remotely, or in the case of written feedback.

Before sparring, I read the content of your website, which is included in the sparring time. The mini charge is 30 euros + VAT 24%.

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