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Although Upcycler focuses on recycled materials, I have chosen rental range confirmation in addition to People Tree, due to the specificity of the brand.

People Tree is a pioneering responsible fashion company from the UK for over 30 years. Since its inception, People Tree has worked uncompromisingly for a fairer and more ecologically sustainable fashion store. The company collaborates with Fair Trade producers, clothing manufacturers and artisans, and was the first clothing company to receive the Fair Trade label of the World Fair Trade Organization in 2013.

In the manufacture of products, responsibility is taken into account from the perspective of both the environment and the well-being of the people operating in the production chain.

10 fair trade principles of the World Trade Organization:Principles of fair trade

For fairer clothing production

Upcycler's selection is strongly focused on Finnish brands, as I have wanted to make sure that the activities do not promote unfair treatment of producers and workers in developing countries. I also consider it important that we have our own production, know-how and entrepreneurs in Finland, also in the field of fashion.

At the same time, however, I have been wondering how to support the realization of fairness and sustainable development in the clothing industry on a larger scale. As the vast majority of the world's textile and clothing industry is in developing countries, opting out alone does not provide sufficient support for workers and producers in difficulty. I also feel obliged to support sustainable development from a global perspective. 

People Tree's activities combine support for global equality and a strong commitment to a more ecological, sustainable Fashion Store. That’s why the People Tree is a natural part of Upcycler’s one-woman world healing program. The recycling element is provided by Upcycler's rental of People Tree's products.

The products in the Upcycler range are manufactured by Creative Handicraft in Mumbai, India. The company, which employs disadvantaged women, is a Fair Trade producer partner.

Creative Handicraft, Producer of Fair Trade

Ecological materials

Tencel or lyocell

The majority of Upcycler's People Tree products are made from tencel, or lyocell. 

Tencel is a viscose-like material whose manufacturing method has been developed to be more environmentally friendly. Tencel is made from wood-based cellulose using a special closed-loop method. The method is able to recycle almost 100% of the solvents used. The finished fabric is biodegradable.

The beautifully descending tencel is especially suitable for dresses, skirts and blouses. As a wood-based material, tencel has a good breathability and comfort of natural material, but it also has a luxurious, satin-smooth surface. The fabric is strong enough for year-round use, and the products are therefore well supported.

The tencel used by People Tree is Lenzing Group manufactured by. 

Organic cotton

A few of our rental range of People Tree products are organic cotton. The organic cotton used by People Tree is GOTS certified:

  • no genetically modified varieties are used
  • Avoiding pesticides that are harmful to health reduces the health of workers and the indebtedness of farmers
  • crop rotation maintains the condition of the soil
  • soil naturally binds water more efficiently 
  • maintain species balance
  • the final product does not cause allergies 


No harmful but common azo dyes are used in dyeing clothes. 

Background from People Tree

People Tree was founded in 1991 by Safia and James Minney. The company is headquartered in London, UK. The artistic director is award-winning designer Tracy Mulligan.

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