Pitu Woodellery

Pitu Woodellery represents a handicraft that is already rare. The jewelry is made of wood by knife rolling or hand turning. Pin jewelery, the only fully machined step is to drill a hole for the jewelry spike. So real craftsmanship.

The jewelery is made by Pitja Simi in her home workshop in Oulais. He has been developing his skills for 15 years.

Pitu Woodellery Finnish wooden jewelry handcrafted

Made of Finnish wood 

Length Woodellery jewelry includes birch, ash and pine. The starting point is to use wood that is as close as possible and has been left over from somewhere else. 

Birch and ash are a surplus of Finnish carpenters, so even small pieces of valuable wood can be used to advantage. 

Pine, on the other hand, is from the branches of a tree growing in Pitja's own yard. It’s hard to imagine its more ecological material than wild wood from your own yard!

"I use domestic materials and especially traditional methods of making wooden jewelery, some of the jewelery is turned by hand, some is poured with a knife. Each wooden material has its own unique characteristics, so it is very important to know the materials and manufacturing methods."

- Pitja Simi

The most beautiful is naturalness

Pitu Woodellery's design respects its material. The products show the color and causes of the wood and the individuality of each piece. Pjewelry only receives colorless, food-grade oil or natural wax.

"We want these products to be truly ecological. That they exude traditional and skillful craftsmanship because that's what they are. Rare skills that many no longer have." 


Pitu Woodellery wooden jewelery is handcrafted in Finland
The jewelry is made by Pitja Simi in Oulais.

Chemicals less

Strong adhesives are often used, especially in the manufacture of stud earrings. Pitja has developed a new manufacturing method for its own stud earrings, in which strong jewelry glues are not used at all. With the restructuring of the jewelery, a gentle wood glue is enough as an adhesive. Thanks to the structure, the glue is not in contact with the skin either, but there is also a wooden surface on the back of the jewelery against the skin.

No unnecessary transportation

When you order Pitu Woodellery jewelry from the Upcycler online store, the jewelry will be sent to you by Pitja from their own workshop.


Follow Pitja's work from the video.

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