How does a clothing loan shop work?

Upcycler Lainaamo operates in connection with online shopping. The loan office has its own Rental selectionnsa.

At Lainaamo, you have all the payment and delivery methods of the online store at your disposal.

This is how you borrow from Upcycler Loan Office

Select the product you want from the Lainaamo selection, click on it in the shopping cart and pay. The product you ordered is on its way soon!

Loan period and use

The loan period is 14 days and starts when you receive the package. 

During this time, you can wear as much clothing or accessory as you want. If necessary, you can also wash your clothes during the loan, following the washing instructions. 

You do not need to wash your clothes for return. We take care of washing clothes at the end of the loan period.


Delivery cost is 3,90 euros / order. Returns are free of charge when you use the return address label that came with your shipment.

We will ship orders within 1-2 business days of receiving your order.

* Upcycler also donates 25 cents for each delivery from the Loan Office to plant trees. *

Repayment after the loan period

Return the product at the end of the loan period, no later than the next day. Pack it in the same package as the shipment you received and tape the return address label that came with the shipment. Send a return from the office of the same logistics supplier from which the shipment was received.

Can I order from the online store and loan shop selection at the same time?

Absolutely! It is always better to combine orders in the same shipment. 

What if I fall in love with a product and don’t want to return it?

It may well be the case that you won’t even give up on your loan product. No worries, as it is possible to redeem the loan office's products on your own. Contact customer service before the end of the loan period to arrange redemption.

Can I reserve a product?

Yes you can, please contact customer service for your booking request.

Can I extend the loan period?

Always worth asking! Extending the loan period may well be successful if there are no provisions for the product in question.

Can I shorten the loan period?

The minimum loan period is 14 days and the minimum charge / rental product is the price of the 14-day loan period. Of course, you can send the loan product back before the end of the loan period if you no longer need it.

Can I match the product somewhere?

At the moment, Lainaamo does not have any premises to offer matching facilities. We will send the products to you by post and you will have the opportunity to repay your loan at no cost if the product does not fit.

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