Finland's first multi-brand new fashion store

Glad you found Upcycler! Upcycler offers a collection of clothing and accessories from recycled materials - hence remodeling.

Making it easier to find responsible alternatives

Finding responsible alternatives can be difficult and time consuming. Upcycler puts together a selection of remanufactured fashions whose responsibility has already been assessed. You don’t have to be a clothing production expert or a detective - you can focus on choosing the right products for you.

Recycled is the new black

Upcycler's range consists of products in which recycled, surplus or otherwise waste has been given new life.

The aim is not to increase the amount of new raw material production in a world where there is already too much material anyway.

I carefully select the products in the collection and try to open up the special features of their manufacture.

The selection includes small series, unique products and custom-made products. The range of remanufactured products is complemented by second hand findings.

Finnish characters

With the exception of the rule, the products are produced by Finnish companies. The partner companies have long-standing pioneers in the field of eco-fashion, but also micro-enterprises and skilled craftsmen at the beginning of their careers. 

As an alternative, a clothing quote 

In addition to the online store, you will be served by Upcycler serves also Rental Service with a small selection of clothing and accessories for rent.

Borrowing can be both an ecological and an economic option when the need is short-term. The loan office's selection is designed to serve special situations, such as parties or important meetings.


Maj-Lis Viitanen entrepreneur Upcycler Helsinki
Interview In Helsingin Sanomat on 19.4.2020 April XNUMX

Hope Upcycler can offer you the joy of discovery!


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Founder and CEO: Maj-Lis Viitanen




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