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Upcycler Helsinki was established out of a desire to make more ecological choices and enable them for others as well. 

Upcycler is a one-woman company that aims to reduce emissions from fashion by offering more environmentally friendly alternatives.

For my part, I chose to influence the climate crisis through fashion, as fashion is not only my long-time profession, but also a huge contributor to emissions and often completely unnecessary environmental burdens.

Maj-Lis Viitanen entrepreneur Upcycler Helsinki
Interview In Helsingin Sanomat on 19.4.2020 April XNUMX

Fashion from recycled materials

Upcycling means recycling recycled material into something new, even better. That is what I wanted to promote with my company; recovery of the old both qualitatively and aesthetically. 

Upcycler offers a collection of products made from recycled, surplus materials, or recycled materials. In this way, we can reduce the need for new material in the world and at the same time reduce the amount of textile waste.

Sometimes the selection also includes highly renewable, local materials such as wood or wool.

All the brands in the range are united by a production method that respects nature and the creators of the product.

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Less is more

The idea of ​​the store is not to offer a large selection, everything for everyone, but quality and time-lasting design; "slow fashion". The series in our selection are small and individual pieces are also included. In addition, the range is complemented by changing collections of used clothing.

Finnish companies

Upcycler's selection is mostly produced by Finnish companies. By favoring Finnish, I want to support fashion production here, far away from large producer countries. 

I find it problematic that the vast majority of the clothes and accessories we consume consume so many resources in the rest of the world. At the same time, production chains are becoming so long that ensuring ecological and ethical production becomes at least challenging. By supporting Finnish, small companies, we also support transparent production and avoid many of the ecological and ethical problems brought about by mass production.

Brands in our selection

Upcycler Rental Service

In addition to the online store, Upcycler is a rental service where you can find clothes and accessories. Borrowing can be both an ecological and an economic option when the need is short-term. The rental service´s selection is designed to serve special situations, such as parties or important meetings.

Upcycler Rental Service

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Thank you for sharing my interest in organic fashion. I hope Upcycler can offer you the joy of discovery!


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