Upcycler clothing store terms

How does a clothing loan shop work?

Terms of Service

Upcycler Helsinki Oy (FI3096953-3) is a Finnish company and retailer and clothing lending company. We lend products to adults in Finland.

The loan office's prices are in euros and include 24% VAT.

We reserve the right to change terms, prices and shipping charges.

Borrow online

Currently, the clothing loan company operates online. Choose the product you want and pay for the purchase in the online store Lainaamo. We will send the ordered product to you within 1-2 business days. You can choose the pick-up points of Posti, Matkahuolto and DB Schenker.

Do not remove the seal from the product until you have verified the fit. Also keep the mailing box and the return address label that came with it.

Payment Methods

Loan period and use

The loan period is 14 days and starts when you receive the package.

If necessary, you can wash your clothes during the loan period, following the washing instructions. You do not need to wash your clothes for return.

Shipping cost

Delivery cost is 3,90 euros / order. Returns are free of charge when you use the return address label that came with your shipment.

Delivery home possible price

Upcycler donates 25 cents for each delivery to plant trees.


At the end of the loan period, return the product immediately. Pack it in the same package as the shipment you received and tape the return address label. The return will be sent from the same logistics supplier's office when the shipment is received.

If the return is delayed, Upcycler has the right to charge the price for the new rental period for the delay. For non-returned products, the RRP of the product will be charged.

What if I want to buy the product on my own?

It is also possible to redeem the loan office's products on your own. With the product you borrowed, you will receive information about the redemption price, as well as instructions.

What if the product I borrowed doesn't fit?

If the product you received does not fit, you have the opportunity to return the product. The product seal must then be attached to the product. If you plan to return the product unused, please contact: service@upcyclerhelsinkin.com.

The returned product will be refunded to the payment method used to pay the rent.

What if the product breaks or is ruined?